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Catch the Light – Find the Dark – Feel the Green

19. Mai 2019 - 26. Mai 2019

Welcome to a creative workshop in the heart of Tuscany, Volterra,
lead by visual artist & watercolor instructor Majid Modir and accompanied by illustrator Maru Godas (Barcelona).

An initiative by

Il Punto – created by Majid Modir

A whole week within 5 days of course in watercolor live-painting in company with like-minded participants.
Light studies in an Etruscan town 555 meters above the sea level, and color studies in stunning landscapes surrounded by cypress hills.
Meanwhile taking the pulse of the Italian lifestyle, eating & drinking Tuscan delicacy and enjoying the local attractions.
Simply a delightful experience and a memory for life!

Catch the Light…

Please have a look on the homepage of IL PUNTO – there you find detailled information, photos, films and prices.



7 days of lodging (Sunday to Sunday) containing 5 workshop days (Monday to Friday).
The workshops starts with lecture in the studio, followed by trip to the locations.
Demo and instructions at locations, followed by sketching & painting outdoor.
There wil be a public exhibition of the works on Saturday in Volterra.

Workshop days:
– Morning: 3 hours (10 am-1 pm)
– Common lunch break, followed by own rest time between 1-4 pm
– Afternoon: 3 hours (4-7 pm)
– Day review 6-7 pm at the studio
– Supper at 8 pm

Daily schedule
Day 1,
Transfer from Pisa-Airport to Volterra and the Villa (between 5-6 pm)
Welcoming dinner at
Villa le Guadalupe

Day 2,
Warming-up day at the villa
Registration & Introductions + Lecture & Demo
Studies of trees & greens at the villa’s gardens (interiors as optional choice)
Learnings: Light matters, Color palette and Green in particular

Day 3,
Discovering the soul of Volterra town
Morning: Volterra Windows, Afternoon: Volterra Roofs
Learnings: Sunlight and casting shadows

Day 4,
Trip to the medival town of
San Gimignano
Learnings: Enlightening the vital details in favorite motives

Day 5,
Darkness matters!
Morning: Inside the rooms at the abby of
Afternoon: Inside the ruins of
Teatro Romano
Learnings: Darkness as the best way to define the Light

Day 6,
with the guest artist as instructor of the day
Presentation, Introduction & primal demo by the guest teacher
Trip to the hills, studies of green fields, blue sky & clouds, and ending with the sunset
Learnings: Capturing the Light & Constrasts of the nature and wide views

Day 7,
Exhibition: Public show of participant’s selected works in
Volterra-Detroit Foundation

Day 8,
Transfer from Volterra to Pisa-Airport (between 9-10 am)
Visiting a local artist’s studio and and some surprises are about to plan!
With reservation for small changes regarding the weather condition!

Majid Modir & IL PUNTO